Who Are We?

Our number 1. priority is serving our clients timely and with the best quality possible.


A mark above the rest of the crowd. Cliffclon only seeks to set one standard, EXCELLENCE.
The world we’re currently living is fast paced and competitive thus rising above rivals and being extraordinary is key in maintaining business survival. With a high excellence only policy across every dimension of business sustainability is guaranteed.
Under this, Cliffclon are resolute toward their mandate to achieve only a high level of excellence throughout the entire operation. Every task is given the same level of care and attention.


Cliffclon has rapidly established itself as a strong, reliable and trustworthy industrial supply company.
Ideally suited to the engineering, maintenance and manufacturing markets, Cliffclon have established strong relationships with some of Zimbabwe’s largest companies and manufacturing plants.
Offering a flexible customized service package to all customers enables Cliffclon to synchronize with varying procedures and facilitate business to flow smoothly between supplier and customer.
Friendly experienced staff committed to delivering complete customer satisfaction aim to make dealing with Cliffclon a pleasurable experience each and every time.


 “No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.” – Heraclitus. In business, the longer you’re in the game the more likely to be successful due to EXPERIENCE.
Experience in the business world is crucial. It’s also the defining trait essential to any organization with hopes of being successful.
The Cliffclon team has deep experience in the industrial supplies market as well as in serving a diverse mix of clients and markets. Combining these two allows Cliffclon to excel client expectations regardless of background or business size.

Quality | Experience | Excellence

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